Is the PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired a good one to own?

So if you’ve been looking to up your gaming skill, then you’ve probably looked into getting a better gaming mouse. We’ve looked around and we recently came across the PICTEK gaming mouse which is a wired peripheral. We know you’re probably angry at us thinking “Oh Comres how come you couldn’t find one with a wireless function”, well to those of you that are slightly frustrated or angry, all I have to say is this gaming mouse makes up for it in so many other ways.

pictek gaming mouseFirst off it has 4 different polling rates levels available, you can customize everything. Yes, I mean absolutely everything. You’re able to change the pointer speed, scroll speed and the speed of the double-click functionality, this mouse is capable of achieving so much. You can use this mouse in FPS games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or APM intensive games such as Starcraft 2.

The grip is very comfortable and easy to adjust to for any non-gamers, as well as professional gamers. We’ve had people from the Faze Clan test out this gaming mouse, and they’ve all come back with raving reviews. They’ve ditched their old Logitech, Razer and other gaming mice and decided to use PICTEK only.

So to go along with all the amazing features I’ve already discussed, I have something else that will most likely blow your mind. Don’t worry it’s not something gimmicky or an annoying feature that gets in the way. This mouse comes with programmable buttons that are available on all the different buttons. You have 7 mouse buttons, which can be programmed with your favorite macros, key binds, and other features so that you can become the best gamer around.

We’re not the only ones that have such a good review on this mouse if you look at industry experts such as TheTechInsider they’ve come to similar conclusions stating this is one of their favorite mice.


Top Tier Reviews Are Key For Finding The Best

When you’re aiming for the creme of the crop, you want to make sure you’re looking at the most respected and well-researched publications. Homeware, for example, is very easy to find on the internet, and I could show you 500 different reviews for products, but writers that go above and beyond is very important, therefore I always use Delicious. They have some of the best researchers and writers that I could find.

They review things such as room humidifiers which are these little devices that are made to keep your room humid. Ever feel like your nose is really dry during the winter? Well if you have a humidifier operating in your room, the air will be much moister which then leads to a less dry nose and mouth.

pure guardian room humidifierAnother thing that they have is some garden reviews, on things such as a garden hose, lawn mower, and sweeper. I actually used them to find all of the things I needed when it comes to gardening, since I just moved into a new house and I wanted to make sure that I had the best garden possible and all my friends said that I could use cheap products, but I wasn’t interested in following my friends advice, I wanted an experts.

Alongside this, they have a ton and I mean a ****load of reviews on kitchen products. Whether it’s juicers, blenders or your basic panini press, they’ve got it. This is perfect for a foodie like me because I absolutely adore food. I could eat for months on end and never get tired, I’m serious. Food is honestly my biggest pass timeĀ other than working. When me and my fiance go out for dinner at a restaurant, you’ll probably see me smiling from ear to ear, but anyway, the reviews on kitchen products are again the top of the pyramid, you won’t find better.